Community Building & Outreach

Parish Youth Groups – Tomasz our Youth Coordinator is in need of parent help /supervisors for the :Jordan Youth –years 5 and 6 children, Galilee Group –years 7-10 and Antioch 16-24 years of age

Bereavement Support Group - to assist people who have lost someone dear to them and to help them cope with their loss. Meet fortnightly on a Tuesday in the Parish Centre.

Support and Care Group - for parishioners and families facing serious illness.

St. Vincent de Paul - to assist with home visitations and or Christmas Hampers/One off events

Piety Stall - group of volunteers to be available to sell before and after Masses religious items.

Visitation - ( New parishioners)- to visit (door Knock)  residents in the new estates  e.g. Elizabeth Hills and to invite them to join our community

New and Returning Parishioner Welcome Group -  work closely with Visitation Group and ensure a  smooth welcoming transition to the Parish and assist with any parish related items, e.g. a Parish Welcome Pack, envelopes etc.