Who we are:

● Together we empower each other to become Christ-like role models in our families and community

● We create a safe space where men can open up without feeling judged

● We provide an environment where men move from the head to the heart

● We encourage conversations so men see they are not alone in their struggles

● We provide an environment where the contribution from men of all ages is valued

Our mission:

To deepen our faith through increased fellowship and mateship by sharing our stories and increasing the participation and profile of men in the parish.

Upcoming events:

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To join our group simply email us at [email protected], fill out our form  https://forms.office.com/r/yD9X3PZ1wX or contact us on one of the following numbers.

● Daniel Araneda 0411 254 520

● Fortunato (Frank) Foti 0419 221 947

● Odeh Haddad 0434 417 628

● Jim Jankiewicz 0432 487 927

● Branko Poljak 0411 281 299