I am very excited for the opportunity to be the Chairperson of the PPC and be able to help shift and shape the future of our Parish. Our Parish’s visions are set and with the leadership and guidance of Fr Dominic, we work towards a very bright future for our community, engagement with our youth and re-connecting with many parishioners. We have many wonderful volunteers who are frantic behind the scenes and get so much done for our Parish! We welcome many more helpers and any feedback to improve our Parish. I have been at our Parish since 2001 and have 4 generations active. I have 3 daughters (1 at Freeman and 2 at JB) and besides keeping my wife happy… happy wife, happy life! I try to golf as much as possible! Our Parish attendance is increasing, our communications platform is now live, there is a child care centre awaiting approval and will go into Council for approval and development and we are starting discussions on a possible new church. The main focus will be on our youth and I feel very positive for my children’s future here at this Parish!