I have been an active parishioner of John the Baptist since 10th of March 1996 which was the weekend we moved into our new home at Cecil Hills I am a mother of 2 and wife of 1. My eldest is Tiana 22yrs old and youngest Julian 20yrs old. Both my children attended John the Baptist and Freeman. I have been a Catechist and Eucharistic Minister since 1998. I was previously a Registered Nurse at Fairfield and Sydney Southwest Private. My main area of nursing was Neonatal (Special Care Nursery). Over the years, I have nursed many of the babies who are now young adult here at our Parish. I no longer nurse and since now co-own a car rental and debt collection company in Smithfield ( I know, massive sea change). I hope over the next 2 years while I am on the Parish Council I will be able to provide support to both our Priests as well as our Parishioners. I intend on doing this in an honest manner maintaining the integrity of our community.