Counters – these teams count the collections that are taken up during the Mass. They also ensure that amounts for the Envelopes are recorded correctly to ensure the accurate issue of taxation receipts. The teams are usually allocated to a specific Sunday of each month, with a special team if there is a fifth Sunday in the month.

Finance Committee – provides advice and assistance in the financial administration of the Parish. This group assists the Parish Priest in planning for the future, in the maintenance of the Parish and as it has an overview of the financial affairs of the Parish. At times, people with special skills are needed for subcommittees or fundraising activities.

Flowers – This group adds splendour to the sanctuary using colourful flower arrangements. Arranging flowers requires a special artistic skill, time and much patience. As well as providing and arranging the flowers there needs to be follow up during the week to keep the flowers watered and removed when they are done.

Parish Working Bees – Parishioners join together to clean up the Church and grounds before major feasts and special occasions. Young and old are welcome. Keep your eye on the Parish bulletin for times and days.

Pipe Organ Committee – During 2007 a historic pipe organ was installed in the parish Church. Those who are interested in sponsoring a pipe please contact the Parish Office on 9823 2572.