Liturgical Ministries assist the Priests and the Community with the smooth running of the Mass. Some of these Ministries participate actively in the Mass and others assist behind the scenes.

Adoration– to become part of a team to assist with the celebration of Adoration on Wednesday nights

Altar Linen Group – provides fresh, clean linen for use in our Church. This invaluable group attends to the washing of the linen and looking after the Altar. In effect, they literally are God’s housekeepers.

Altar Servers – assist the priest at our liturgies and add an extra dimension to our celebrations. These young people do a training programme to enable them to participate in this very special role.

Banner Group – links the liturgical seasons with colourful, eye-catching backdrops which enhance the liturgical space for our celebrations. The symbol and sign used in the banners make an instant impression on the theme of the celebration.

Children’s Liturgy Group – brings the Liturgy of the Word alive at an appropriate level for the younger members of our community. This special liturgy takes place during Mass. The children and their leaders are sent forth from the Assembly after the Introductory Rites and return nourished by the Word in time for the Preparation of the Gifts. Programmes are available to develop the message of the Scripture of the day

Church Wardens – act as ushers, supervise the collections at Mass and aim to help others to participate in reasonable comfort. They are alert to emergencies and generally take responsibility for smooth order and so enhance the Assembly for worship.

Eucharistic Ministers – assist with the distribution of Communion at Mass and/or take Communion to those sick or housebound. Their reverent participation enhances the Liturgy. There are up to nine or more Eucharistic Ministers at each Mass.

Liturgy Group – meets regularly to prepare for the various seasons throughout the Church Year and to provide for other special celebrations that occur. The group aims to co-ordinate and enhance the liturgical celebrations as times of worship. The group use their creativity and love of liturgy to develop a sense of wonder and rhythm in our liturgies. They respond to new initiatives to promote a deeper sense of reverence and awe in
our liturgy. New members are always welcome to be part of this group.

Musicians and Singers – are Parishioners who provide music and help lead the Liturgy of the Church community in the worship of God. The groups share the responsibility of preparing and practising music for worship each Sunday and for special occasions in the life of the parish community e.g. feast days, First Holy Communion Masses, Confirmations and special occasions.  St. Augustine is quoted as saying “those who sing the praise of God pray twice”.
Parishioners are invited to use their talent to help the community in our worship of God. You are invited to approach any of the musicians or singers for further information or contact the parish office. In the future we would like to develop children’s and youth choirs to give opportunities for our young people.  With our pipe organ installed in the Church, an opportunity is offered for those interested in learning to play.

(The choir rehearse for an hour prior to the 10:00 am Mass commencing so you are welcome to join them).

Readers/Lectors – To receive the Word of God and come to faith someone needs to proclaim the word of God to us.  Parishioners prepare and train for this role of proclaiming the word by reflecting on the Word during the week and on Sunday and special occasions proclaim the Word to the assembly.
In the celebration of the Mass the Liturgy of the Word is proclaimed from the Ambo (Lectern, Reading Stand)